Auto BeltLock Stop Children and kids Opening the Seat belt Securing the Car seat

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Beltlock is a device that fits over the seat belt receiver and when the seat belt buckle is inserted, it prevents the child from pressing the red button.
The seat belt, securing the Child’s car seat, can be released with a slim object or key by an adult.
Beltlock is strong as it is made from high grade plastic and it’s distinctive orange colour makes it easy to see in the car.

• Do you use a child seat in your car?

• Do you check before each journey that it is securely fitted?

• Do you ever find that the seat belt is not properly fastened?

Beltlock is a small solution to a BIG problem for parents generally and for carers of children with special needs.

*Compatible with most vehiclesNEW PRODUCT: Slots over the seatbelt receiver